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A Menagerie of Nightmares

What gives you nightmares? How about a good suspense movie? "Here's some cocaine, CUT." How do you pronounce 'egg', 'crayon' and 'coupon'? Confused? Scared? So are we!

Shake 'N Bake

Who loves to cook? We do! But don't always have the time to do it. Megan and Kelly discuss when and how they started to learn to cook/bake/grill for themselves. Mmm...Ramen.

I Wanna Jellicle Dance With Somebody

Did you attend your high school dances/mixers? Were they fun or not worth it? Megan and Kelly discuss the delights and awkward phases of making bold choices (and moves) for those teenage, dancin' years.

Today is the Greatest Day to Work Out

Kelly (Grace) and Megan (Ethel) discuss the inevitability of getting older and the various ways to stay in shape.

I Vant To Suck Your...Jawbreaker

Kelly and Megan discuss their best Halloween costumes in memory. And why it's so hard to come up with costume ideas when it's not Halloween? Also, pun costumes are the best (and usually the cheapest)!

I Like My Sugar With Coffee And Cream

Can you function without coffee?...HOW? Kelly and Megan discuss this ever-necessary bean of life.

Co-Habiting: Everything's Coming Up Jasmine!

After returning from his honeymoon, Aladin speaks to Genie about his newly-found co-habiting issues. #PrincessProblems

Sibling Rivalry

Did you have a competitive nature with your sibling? Was it internally or externally motivated? Do you compare your growth to yourself or to others? Kelly and Megan hash it out.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Do you toss and turn at night? Are you a good sleeper? What keeps you up at night? What position do you sleep in? Do tell us-- Cuz we will tell you!

Not Killing Me Softly With Alcohol

Have you ever had too much "fun" one night and suffered the consequences? Has time changed what your recovery is like for the day(s) to follow? Well...welcome to this episode of over-indulgence and the lessons-thereof. Salud!

Home, Sweet Home

Ahhh, the American dream of home ownership and the (likely/unlikely) potential of it coming true.

Go Sports, Go!

Sports is a way of life for some. Kelly and Megan share their love and indifference of the game(s).


Kelly and Megan put Ariel in the room with GOT's Cersei who is looking for some "girl-to-girl" advice. And, of course, something smells fishy. #PrincessProblems

Rabbit Holes

Rabbit Holes and alternate realities. Megan and Kelly speculate on the personal question: "To have kids or to not have kids?" What would life be like if you could see the result of making one choice vs another--to at least view, or live, two different lives to the fullest? Also, the realities of child labor. Oh, my.

Bird Graveyard

Kelly reveals a childhood tendency to bury dead animals and both Megan and Kelly discuss how they'd like to repurpose their bodies in the hereafter in order to pay it forward (or at least to pay for it the pocketbooks).

Never Been Kissed

Remember your first kiss? Ever given or received advice about what to do at the end of a first big date or on prom night? Megan and Kelly share an intimate conversation that Belle could have had with Mrs Potts and friends right before the big dance. #PrincessProblems

Can You See Me Now?

Ever get eye "floaters"? Do you sleep with your contacts in? Thinking of getting LASIK? Megan and Kelly discuss both of their experiences with each and make some callbacks to Nelly, Missy Elliot and Sisqo. Enjoy.

Rules of the Road

Megan and Kelly discuss bicycle safety and pet peeves about those pesky one-way streets and "to go or to not go against the grain" as a biker.

Seafoam V

Megan and Kelly discuss what it was really like on the day when a certain little mermaid trades her fins for human parts. #PrincessProblems

My Two Front Teeth

Megan and Kelly talk about unfortunate trips to the dentist, comedian archetypes, and make several references to movies as "dudes and old ladies" because, apparently, that's what they know best.

Cat Scratch Fever

Megan and Kelly discuss ending phone calls suddenly, the love of Dumbo, and the care-taking of cats (clean that litter box, yo!).

Princess Problems

When princesses stop being royal and start being real (human, that is).

Bathroom Etiquette

Megan and Kelly discuss the desire to pee standing up and the complications of genitals. To each their own.

Actual Courtesy Flushing

Megan and Kelly explore the true meaning of paying it forward via courtesy flushing.

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